Bloke's Footy Tipping

AFL Footy Tipping

for Blokettes

and Blokes

The footy tipping competition for tippers of all types that at least know of the organiser to smash out some great tipping and bag out fellow tippers.


Yep, get in the action, join the Bloke's Footy Tipping Group to:
- Bag other members / supporters
- Results updates
- Mini Comp information
- and general chit chat / banter

Lot's of cash prizes up for grabs even if you are not the worlds best tipper

Season Prizes

Huge 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cash Prizes

Weekly Winners

Tip well and take the money

Mini Comps

Plenty of mini comps to win the cash

Keeping on top of mental health

There is nothing better than a good footy tipping comp with the banter, catch-ups, and constant interaction with family and friends. That's where this competition brings all that together. It's not just all about the tipping, it's the perfect way to stay in touch and keep chatty.
To help the growing concern around mental health issues, Bloke's Footy Tipping will donate $5 from every tipper to Beyond Blue.

Please support our competition sponsors that bring you even better prizes